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What Do The New Testament Scriptures Have To Say Concerning Faith?

What is faith in the Bible and how does it work? How can you have such faith that removes mountain? What activated Faith?

There are many Bible teachings on faith but they don't show the original meaning of faith in the Bible. This Bible study about faith unveils God's purpose from the beginning of all things.

  • To understand faith according to the Bible, we need to search the New Testament scriptures. The Bible uses the word 'faith' 244 times in the New Testament.

Let me make this clear:

  • This blog is not about 'faith in God' or 'having faith in God' in the traditional context of escaping eternal torment. This Bible study is to help you understand faith in the context of who you are, as seen and known by God.
  • I am going to show you profound truths concerning faith that will forever change the way you read the scriptures.

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We’re starting a new series on faith as this is the most important theme in the entire Bible especially New Testament scriptures which reveal what this faith is in the Bible.

  • We're going to be spending time on what is faith in the Bible, what is the faith of God, what is the faith of Jesus, what is the faith of the son of God, what is the faith Paul speaks about and says we need to fight the good fight of faith along with so many other scriptures around "faith" so we can understand it better.
  • So right, in the beginning, I need to make this clear that what I'm going to be sharing with you about in this series is not the kind of faith that brings us to escape from hell. So that traditional understanding of you must believe to have a certain salvation this is not what I’m talking about. And also I'm not spending so much time on the faith which is being taught in a way of exchanging with God in the sense of having faith for healing or having faith for finances or having faith for this or that.

I'm going to go deep down to the root of this issue because if you remember when Jesus talked about having faith in the Bible, He said that right after cursing a fig tree by the root so that shows us in a mature understanding of sonship we have to go way deep into the root so we can begin to uproot the tree rather than always trying to get rid of the fruits because that's what the law does.

  • The story of what is being revealed through Jesus is so much more amazing and beyond comprehension that we literally need God kind-of forcing us into this belief by His LOVE. These are all the themes that we're going to have in the upcoming videos so you can also understand what it means ‘that faith works by love’.

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Faith In The Bible Starts From Genesis

But now I need to bring this to your attention that the Faith in the Bible doesn't start from the New Testament, it doesn't start from the book of Matthew and it doesn't start with Paul's letters, the Bible and faith in the Bible starts from Genesis. So the story of mankind which now we are talking about ‘faith in this man’ and everything around this man, goes all the way back to the very beginning, the very genesis of all things.

The Book of Genesis where we have a record of everything and mainly I'm talking about ‘man’ and the first time that ‘man’ is mentioned, sets in order what we need to pay attention to, so we can understand the story of mankind and God. What is the first thing that we see concerning man? It's Genesis chapter 1 God said let us make man in our image and according to our likeness! So the story of mankind is the story of an image.

Faith & Mankind, The Story Of An Image

God had an image in His mind that was supposed to be formed and made into a man; God had an imagination that was about a certain man; God was thinking about something that was about a man; God was mindful of something that was called a "man". Psalm chapter 8 begins this way, there is a man who is talking to God the Psalmist and he says what is ‘man’ that you are mindful of him. So right then we see again that God is mindful of this man.

And the same thing is pointed out in Hebrews chapter 2 that reads what is ‘man’: that you are mindful of him or the son of man that you care for him. Now there was a time that two men, on the same ground stood face to face and talked together. One was called Simon son of Jonah and the other was called Jesus of Nazareth. This Jesus asked Peter, who do you say that I, the son of man, am? Peter said you are the son of God.

So the son of man is the son of God!

If you get this, it will begin to provide a way of entrance, into the mystery of God.

He says the son of man is the son of God but right then Peter turns to this son of Jonah and he says, but now Peter you are blessed because this son of man, being the son of God was just revealed to you. So the question is answered: what is man? The son of God! What is the son of man? He's the son of God! So what is he trying to say?

He's trying to say that when we speak of a son of someone, that someone is the father. The son doesn't start his journey by being birthed from anything else but from the father. So he says what is man? He is the son of God! And what does it mean that he originates from the Father? So what was that thing that started right in the beginning in Genesis chapter one? It’s very clear, it’s My own image and My own likeness.

You are My image and My likeness! What does that mean?

​It means that You are a Reflection of Who I am! If I AM Faith, then you are faith!

Faith Is His Image And His Likeness

Now imagine this never changed, like the gold never becomes gold just by trying to become gold. Gold is gold, right from the beginning. So you don't try to become the image of God. You start that way. Now there was a problem, Adam obviously fell from that mindset that was mindful of that which God was mindful of. Adam's fallen state of mind brought him out of tune with the original thoughts of God concerning himself.

Now when Jesus came, Jesus came to redeem that image once again; so that man, instead of looking at the corruptible image that he had inherited now from the forefathers he can begin to see the original image that was carved on him.

That's why in the gospels, where Jesus comes to a group of people and they're asking Him should we pay tax to Caesar or not? And Jesus begins to answer them by illustrating and He says give me a coin and they gave Him a coin. He asked, look at this coin, whose image is on it? They replied, Caesar’s! And then He said, give to Caesar what is Caesar's but He added something profound, something more loving and something more kind which was: But Give to God what is God's.

What was God's, or belongs to God?

His OWN image!

But where was that engraved, or inscribed upon?

On mankind!

So man was THAT coin that had the image.

That's why you can understand Luke chapter fifteen, the parable of the lost coin. Why was the woman in the house trying to find the coin? Because the coin belonged to her!

So what is the illustration that God is trying to show in this parable?

  • You are much more than what you have believed about yourself.
  • You are more than what you know about yourself.

And there is something that has covered the image that you are and that something that has covered the image that we are has made that which we truly are: UNSEEN.

What Has Covered The True Image Of Man?

So the flesh comes to veil the true you, the true me, the true human beings. Who are the true human beings? What is true-mankind? The image of God, sons of God! Now does someone become a son of God just by believing in Jesus?

These types of questions are all the things that we're going to be covering in-depth in this series. Even to understand, what does it mean to believe in Jesus? Well actually, believing in Jesus is not even in the Bible. We have either believing Jesus, or believing INTO Jesus which are way more gracious than ‘believing in Jesus’, so we're not called to forcefully believe in Jesus or basically, we would experience condemnation and punishment.

Jesus came to show that we were ALREADY under condemnation. In fact, in John chapter 5, He calls us dead! He says those who are dead in the grave if they hear the voice of the son of God they will rise. Who is the son of God, the image of God? So what voice will awaken us, he says it's the voice of the son which YOU are.

So for God to awaken us back into what WE were CREATED in God’s:

  • thoughts
  • heart
  • delight
  • pleasure

He needed to send forth a voice like ours!

That He would speak in human flesh to those who were in human flesh:

  • So THAT voice could be heard
  • And that voice could bring FAITH inside of us.

Faith Comes By Hearing

Now you can understand why Romans chapter 10 says: "faith comes by hearing"... but let's stop here for a moment. Let's look at Hebrews chapter 11 to understand this even deeper. Verse 1 says, now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.

So do you see that there is something about NOT seeing? So there is UNSEEN and this ‘thing’ is all over the epistles. This ‘thing’ about the ‘things that are unseen’, ‘the invisible’, ‘the invisible God’ or the ‘unseen is eternal’ and these things are all about the unseen. What is the unseen? The very first part of this verse gives us the answer. It says faith is the substance of things hoped for.

Now the word substance actually means person. So this is how it should read in light of this understanding:

Now faith is the person we hope for, faith is the kind of person we hope to be, faith is the kind of person we hope to manifest.

That's why right after that he says it's the evidence of things NOT seen. What is NOT seen is that person.

Who is that person?

That person is the image, that is the one that we HAVE been from the beginning. Just as God said, before you were in your mother's womb in the flesh, I knew you!

Faith, Your True Origin

So your origin is not your father in flesh or your mother in flesh.

Your origin is that voice from the beginning that said YOU ARE MY SON, so your origin, the image that you are, is something beyond that which at some point came out of the womb of a woman.

The image that you are is the weight that is equal with God.

Born of God like God, in the image of God.

Born of man like man, in the image of man; BUT born of God like God in the image of God,

So what does faith do?

Faith brings our focus into that which we are but are not yet fully manifested.

So faith begins to hear what God says about that which we are on the inside, covered by the veil of the flesh.

So when we can hear THAT we can allow THAT to manifest effortlessly.

So we can enter into God's rest because we acknowledge God's work was perfect in the beginning concerning us when He said you are my image. (In this post we talked about the Sabbath Rest of God that is in the conscience and how you can enter by Faith.)

And then we realize that His other work was also perfect in Jesus Christ when He came to redeem that which was lost, that image inside of us.

So when we can begin to understand both the creation was perfect and the redemption was perfect we can begin to enter into rest effortlessly, not trying to prove anything, but acknowledging what is already true about us.

That's why this faith begins to have so much more glory than just trying to get things from God! If you remember in the story when Jesus sent his disciples to go and preach the kingdom casting out demons, healing the sick, they returned joyfully and said even the demons submit to us.

He said something profound:

Don't look at the effect of WHO you are, understand that WHAT you are, and WHO you are will cause these things to happen.

Now I was paraphrasing, but He said don't rejoice that spirits are subject to you but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

What does that mean?

That means your origin is not the seen realm of the flesh. Your origin is your God who is in heaven. Your origin is the Father that I say pray to Him.

See What The Father Sees

So He constantly tried to show that when you don't see your origin you begin to enter into your labor...

BUT when you begin to see your origin, you BEGIN to see what God sees...

And then you don't try to impress Him you just accept what He shows you.

This is what the firstborn son of God told us in the New Testament. Let's go to the gospel of John so you can understand how this unseen was in the language of Jesus.

Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.” [John 5:19]

So what do we see here?

  • He says the Son can do nothing except by seeing what the Father does!

So what is He trying to say?

  • He says for ME to be able to DO
  • Because IF I don't SEE
  • I will NOT do the work of the Father
  • I will do my OWN work
  • And in that sense, I will be in labor...
  • But WHEN I SEE the Father
  • I see what He sees
  • I will understand what He understands
  • I will know what He knows
  • I will speak what He speaks

And in this conversation between the two of US:

  • The fruit of this conversation would BE...
  • The manifestation that I'm looking for would HAPPEN

Now He says it's about the son seeing the Father, but right after that in verse 20:

For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does... [John 5:20]

So now He says it's not only that the son sees the Father, the Father shows ALL things to the son.

Let me read it again: For the Father loves the Son and shows him all things. The verse before said (John 5:19), the son can do nothing of himself but what he sees the Father do.

So what the Father shows the son sees!

What does that mean?

  • That means if the son sees something that means he wasn't seeing it before!
  • That means what he is beginning to see, is the unseen!

Now, what is the Father revealing to the son anyway?

  • All that He is showing him is about who he is IN the Father

That's why He says, even right after that: The manifestation of this would be the GIVING of LIFE!

You can read this in verse 21:

For as the Father raises the dead and gives life to them, even so, the Son gives life…[John 5:21]

Let's go back to the beginning in the book of Genesis. What was the job of the tree of life? Giving life! So when the son sees the Father as a life-giving source he mirrors that tree in himself and he becomes the giver of life.

That's even why 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, But we all, with unveiled faces, beholding [or reflecting] the glory of the Lord, as in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image...

So that's amazing because it says the way to BE is by SEEing!

Reflect The Father

The way to be that person that I WANT to be is by seeing. If I see, I would reflect.

  • Where does it reflect from?
  • Where does it shine from?
  • Where does it manifest from?

Not from the OUTER heaven!

  • It's from the INNER heaven!
  • It's from the INSIDE of us!

It's where the hope of glory dwells:

  • Christ dwells INSIDE of us!
  • Our true being IS the Christ!

What does that mean?

  • It means The Anointed of God!
  • That which WE were in the beginning
  • The WORD that God spoke when He said IMAGE- is the WORD

Now John chapter 1 says, in the beginning was the Word but that word became human flesh. But we saw the glory of this human flesh.

So what does that mean?

That means you and I were the WORD in the beginning. When that WORD entered into the realm of the flesh, something happened to us, a veil came over us. So every human being is left dead in that consciousness, or unaware of the original consciousness, and has FORGOT who he was.

You can see this in Deuteronomy chapter 32, Moses is singing his song and he calls the children of Israel, and he says you have forgotten the rock that you were hewn from. So he's bringing into the remembrance who they were in the Father before taking the form of flesh. So now we don't know much about that and we don't necessarily need to; but what we need to know, is right now we're being AWAKENED into that consciousness. How does that happen?

(*Remember I said this is just an introduction? I'm going over all of these questions in this series. We're going to be spending a lot of time on all of these terms to understand faith in a bigger language.)

Faith Vs Dead Works

I began in the book of Hebrews by quoting the first verse of chapter 11, which says, faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. But before we reach this verse in Hebrews chapter 11, there have been some details in the previous chapters. Now when you go and look at the details in Hebrews chapters 3 and 4, they are focused on works and rest.

And He says, BUT let us enter into this rest.

1. Let us NOT be working the works of the law
2. Let us NOT be trying to perform
3. Let us NOT be living by the law of the flesh

What causes someone to be in that place from the beginning has been unbelief towards what the Holy Spirit reveals, towards what the Spirit says. That's why He says, today if you hear His voice do not harden your heart.

The hearts were hardened but now there is something that has to come and change this heart from this evil conscience, which is a heart that doesn't remember anything and doesn't believe anything about that origin.

Therefore, for you to have faith concerning who you are, something needs to happen to that conscience that is veiled by dead works.

What does ‘dead works’ mean?

Those are all the works THAT You DO, To TRY to get RID of a conscience...

That is constantly saying:


A face-to-face encounter, Or conversation WITH Him.

He says, but let me SHOW you something! There is something that can cleanse this evil conscience from your heart and that something is called the BLOOD of Christ. What does that mean? That means the LIFE is given through the Christ because the blood is the life of the soul, or the life of the flesh, you can see this in Leviticus chapter 17.

When that life is given, pointing to the cross, what do you see there? You see the true manifestation of who God is to humanity.

What is that? When you were enemies in your mind, He reconciled you in the body, of His own flesh.

What does that mean in simple language? It means our conscience was spotted, stained, defiled, and polluted by our own thoughts that saw us LESS than what and who God says we are. That's why we were trying to make ourselves perfect constantly.

The Faith That Has Perfected You

But now with one sacrifice, He has perfected forever.

  • He's not going to perfect you
  • He's not going to perfect me
  • He's not going to perfect your neighbor
  • He's not going to perfect this president, or that murderer, or the other one...

He says He HAS perfected them forever!

Why is He saying this? He says just as through Adam everyone was made imperfect, meaning Adam showed proof that mankind without God is imperfect. Now God has come in the person of Jesus Christ showing that mankind is perfect in God.

So the gospel that we preach, Paul says, is not to make you perfect, in Colossians chapter 1, it’s not to perfect you, it's to PRESENT you perfect.

What does that mean? For example, let's say I have a cell phone and when I'm giving it to you, I'm presenting it to you. So He says, perfection is not something that I'm trying to make you become. Perfection is something that YOU are and YOU don't see it, because of the veil of the flesh.

So HE says:

  • Let me help you so you can see.
  • Let me speak to you the good news of God.
  • Let me speak to you the truth about God.

Why do you listen to worthless words concerning yourself?

I think every one of us has had this example either for ourselves, or someone in the family, or somebody among our friends, or at least in the movies, which you always see two types of parents:

  • Type 1: constantly criticizing their child: you will never do anything, you will never become anything, you will never grow into anything, you will never be able to to do anything
  • Type 2: constantly encouraging their child: you will be a great teacher, you will be a great doctor, you will be a great person, you will be an inventor, you will be a loving person

The way these two types of parents approach and impart to their children is two different ways. The good one is seeing in the child or person, something before they see it for themselves just like God sees us.

God saw His Own glory in us before we saw it in ourselves. God saw His Own image in us before we saw His image in ourselves.

Don’t Try To Have Faith

This changes our way of approaching faith because now, all of a sudden, faith is not something that we try to increase, or try to have, or all those things that over the years we have had teaching for:

  • How to have faith
  • How to how to increase faith
  • How to do this
  • How to do that

But faith becomes that GIFT of God to mankind, that sets mankind free from their works. They can begin to understand their true origin, because if you know where you come from:

1. You will never try to gain something
2. You will never try to achieve something
3. You will never try to become something

Just as the Bible says about Jesus: He knew where He came from.

You just enjoy the place that you are and the person that you are. Then you realize why Jesus said I will come and receive you to Myself that where I am you will be also. He was not talking about a physical location, or even in that sense of a far heaven, a heavenly place, or a mansion, or something.

He said if you can be where I am, where I am in God, where I am is in my original design, where I am is in the life that God is.

I have begun to be in the place that God says in this place, it's called ‘in the anointed place’, it's called the ‘Christ place’, it's called the ‘Christ consciousness’.

In that awareness you don't need to be in any place and you don't need to look for the future. You can begin to enjoy right now that which you are waiting for in the future.

Now please when I say this don't try to apply this to specific circumstances because we haven't been talking about any of those things, don't try to use this teaching for trying to make money, or trying to get healed, or trying to get someone saved, or trying to escape from hell. I'm not talking about any of those things.

I'm trying to show you what is the purpose of faith. What is the major profound truth concerning faith so we can experience a bit of rest for our soul. A soul that was trying to always do something to become something, can't find this rest.

Faith Is Seeing The Unseen

The first point that we need to know about what is faith in the Bible is,

  • Faith is seeing the unseen
  • Faith celebrates the unseen now
  • Faith doesn't wait for anything in the future
  • Faith doesn't wait for a feeling
  • Faith doesn't wait for anything
  • Faith is about the unseen

The second point:

  • Faith comes by hearing
  • The unseen can be seen by hearing

What do you hear, or what is this thing that Paul says faith comes by hearing?


Hearing what?


So faith is about seeing the unseen. You can begin to see the unseen by hearing. And for you to hear, what you hear is the Word.

1. So there is a WORD about me
2. There is a WORD about you...
3. Which is that WORD which was in the beginning

When you begin to hear that Word, then you can begin to see that which is unseen.

So let me tell you this once again, or let me put it more simply: the Word that was in the beginning, it wasn't only the Jesus that we know on earth...

The Word in the beginning reflects the image of God.

It says it was face-to-face with God.

So the Word in the beginning, it’s that Word that we need to hear. We have heard so many things, the bible says you have; Paul says you have had many tutors, many schoolmasters but not many fathers. You have had many people that have come to guide you, to lead you, to teach you, to even sometimes lord over you but none of them have been your Father.

So he says but the Word that was in the beginning, if that begins to be spoken, you can begin to hear and then you can begin to see that which was in the beginning.

Do you see the loop? So now how does this start? Before there ever was a Jesus on earth, God spoke through the prophets. They brought a message and their message was not a perfect message because they couldn't give the perfect interpretation and the people neither could understand that message. That's why that message became only letters on tablets of stone, or even now printed on the pages of a book.

But then the TRUE Word of God became flesh and He began to show what the Word is. And out of the mouth of the incarnated Word of God, the truth began to be spoken and out of Him flowed, like a river, of grace and truth.

And whoever receives that WORD is being awakened in his soul like a garden, a well-watered garden.

A place that the tree of life can finally manifest itself and we can begin to eat of its fruit and be in fellowship with that tree inside of us; So in having fellowship with Him we can reflect Him as through us.

Faith Is The Conscience Reality Of Who You Are

So this is the story that says faith comes by hearing the Word of God, and I would like to add, about me!

So faith in me is being built-up, or is birthed inside of me when I begin to hear the Spirit of God speaking to me, concerning the Word that was in the beginning: Calling me, saying you are my beloved son. And that awakens me into the reality of a consciousness that doesn't separate itself from God anymore but it's in that place. This is the story of the faith in the New Testament scriptures.

There are many things that we can say about this! I would like to add because I said faith is seeing the unseen but faith comes by hearing the word of God that all of this helps us to have the unseen manifest. That's why there's so much emphasis on manifestation, or revelation in the New Testament.

But what is ‘the thing’ that God saw and the son was shown? This was God seeing Himself IN the son.

Just like any father in the flesh when they give birth to a son wonders what that son will look like when he's grown up. He's going to look exactly like the father.

So that's the story the Father saw in human beings, in mankind, in you, in me, in our neighbor, in our friend, in our co-worker. He saw in all of us Himself!

That's why Ephesians chapter 3 says that there is only one Father, there is one Lord, one faith. Then he says because everyone is named, every family is named after this one Father.

Every family is surnamed after this Father:

  • He is the Father of all the spirits
  • He is the Father of all the spirits of the flesh
  • He is our origin
  • He is the rock from which we were hewn
  • He is the origin
  • He is the beginning
  • He's our place of birth in Him

In Him We Live

Even one of the pagan poets wrote, which Paul quotes in Acts 17 in Him, we live, in Him, we move, in Him, we have our being.

Even though we haven't had that full awareness of this truth but the truth of the matter right now, what the Bible calls the Word of truth, the gospel of your salvation...

The Word of truth is I WAS before the creation of human flesh. I WAS in the image and likeness of God.

And the sleep that came to me is now turned into awakening. And right now I have a redeemed image that was lost.

So He came, He created me but at some point He also redeemed me.

So what He created, whatever happened to that image through Adam is reversed through Jesus, through Christ, through the second man.

Don’t Forget Your True Origin

So that's the whole context of the Bible, and more specifically "faith in the Bible". We miss in fact, what this book has to say if we don't always see this. We tend to divide this into different camps of teachings. We tend to make this a religious moral code of conduct. We tend to take this as a written sentence of judgment against those who don't believe what this one says. Even we use this as a way of debating with one another.

YouTube is filled with so many videos about this preacher, and that preacher and this one is said this, and that one said that and unfortunately, the views of those videos are going through the roof. While solid teachings, that are not condemning anyone but they're in fact, bringing the revelation of who everyone is, they're not being watched. Because of the appetite in human beings because of the junk that they have been eating because of the worthless words and they're addicted to those words. Gossip, slander, hatred and all those things have become the new norm.

They have forgotten their origin that we are all brothers. Kindness, love, gentleness all these things are the fruit of the Spirit and we will never be satisfied, we will never have a desire or hunger satisfied except if we eat of the fruits of the Spirit. That's unfortunate but we believe that the truth of the Word of God will shine like the light in the darkness and every dead soul will hear this truth and they will begin to awaken into this and all this fight, contradicting one another and opposing one another will be out of the way.

Continue In This Mirror

Lastly, I need to point you to one major thing about this faith, something to keep in perspective so we don't become like those who believe for a short time and they forget what manner of man they were. So we don't become like those that just hear the truth and they go with joy for a short season but when the heat comes up they dry up and they wither away. We continue in this mirror that constantly reflects us and we can begin to see that mirror constantly until we are fully awakened into the image that we see.

Let's look at 2nd Corinthians 4:16, this is what Paul says:

Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceedingly an eternal weight of glory, 18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

That thing, the unseen, that you and I look for is ETERNAL.

What is the only eternal thing concerning mankind?

The image of God that is ETERNAL.

Now how can you do what verse 18 says? How can you NOT look at the things which are seen because that's very easy, you can! I can look at this cup and I can look at this phone because these are seen. But he says we don't look at the things that are seen obviously, it's not talking about these two examples.

It's referring to something about ourselves. He says but at the things which are NOT seen, we look at the things that are NOT seen.

The Son On Earth Manifests The Father In Heaven

It's amazing, how can you look at something that is unseen? If it's unseen, you can't look at it, but he says we CAN! Why? Because all over this book, in the second epistle to the church at Corinth he's been talking about a glory that is not like that glory of the Old Covenant in the face of Moses but it's the glory on the face of Jesus Christ, which reflects us and beholding (verse18 of Chapter 3) we are also being transformed, finding the same form from glory-to-glory.

So what is the thing that he says ‘we look’ upon?

  • What is the unseen that ‘we look' upon?

The glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ!

Who is Jesus Christ in the context? The son on earth that manifests the Father in heaven. So when I look at Him I see the Father in Him.

So the Father in heaven that I call Him God is no longer an invisible person but is a visible image manifested on earth in the person of the Son of God.

And when I see the firstborn son of God I'm being awakened into the realization that ‘I AM a son TOO’!

What The Book Of Revelation Really Reveals

That's why Romans 8 says we were all predestined to be conformed to the image of the son.

That's the context of Romans 8, that’s also the context of Galatians, that's the context of all the epistles and that's the context of the book of Revelation chapter 21 whoever overcomes shall inherit all things, he shall be MY son and I shall be to him a Father.

It's not about a lake of fire, it's not about a beast manifesting, it's not about a chip you get on your forehead, or your right hand.

All those things come from a blind-sight that has been veiled by human teachings, philosophies and traditions that have closed their eyes to what He says as the Spirit. They have begun to portray in their own words what the Word of God is trying to say in some other language.

They have taken that which is revealing the glorious grace of God in the book of Revelation and they've turned it into basically, fear-threatening events in future and a wrathful God that can't help Himself basically, to get into that place that He can judge the world, that He can condemn the world, that He can cause His creation to collapse; That the stars would fall and the sea would be filled with wormwood and all those things. And when we see those things we`ve lost sight of the truth and we forgot the Word of Truth.

There are many words but there is only one Word of Truth and it says that's the gospel of salvation and that's the only thing Paul preached!

I understand there are symbolisms. I understand there are languages that are sometimes hard to understand. I also understand that Peter acknowledged the same thing in 2 Peter 3:18 he said there are many things that are hard to understand that Paul talks about, it's hard to understand for the unlearned and uneducated. But don't twist the scriptures he says wait for the understanding to come, allow God to explain this to you. Because the moment you do this what you're doing, once again, is veiling the face of your origin.

The Face Of Your Genesis

James chapter 1 says the face of your genesis.

I know it's not being taught that way and it's not even being translated that way but let me show you the verse:

James 1:23 says for if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer he's like a man observing his natural face in a mirror, the word natural is the word genesis.

He says he's seeing the ‘face of his genesis’ in a mirror.

What is the FACE of your genesis? The FACE of your beginning! What FACE is that? The IMAGE of God, right in the beginning, the FACE of your genesis! The FACE of ‘your birth from God’ (NOT from the earth, BUT FROM God).

  • You CAME from God!
  • You ARE a spirit!
  • You ARE a ‘life-giving’ spirit!
  • You're not a mere human being, nor a flesh and blood only!

So that's the truth about our ‘beginning’ and our ‘origin’.

By understanding this truth, in the upcoming videos we can begin to move into some of the terminologies that are being used by Jesus and especially Paul in the epistles to understand them.

Things like ‘have the faith of God’, or ‘having the faith of Jesus’, or to ‘live by the faith of the son of God’, or ‘to fight the good fight of faith’, or ‘to keep the faith of Jesus’.

What do all these mean? That's the context of our future episodes on YouTube.

If you have a question, or would like to comment, or if there is something specific about FAITH that you would like a greater understanding about please leave us a comment below the specific YouTube video. We will go through them and if we have any understanding, we will definitely make a video to help you and also benefit others that are watching. The GRACE of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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