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Overcomers Conference

Discover The Little-Known Truth Of The Cross...And Step Into The Overcoming Power Of The Christ Within!

This is a "road to emmaus" encounter: Have a “burning-heart” experience as Jesus opens your eyes to see!

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What You Will Learn In This


How do you live out the "Christ Within"? What is the relation between the Christ of 2000 years ago and the Christ in you? Once you have the answer to these questions, your identity in Christ will no longer be an information you seek, but a reality you live. In the Emmaus Road encounter Jesus disappeared on the outside and appeared within.

This is where the overcoming power of Christ began to work in them. 

And in this 3-day online conference you are going to have such life-changing experience:

DAY # 1

reaping from the cross

Why a religious belief in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus will continue to be ineffective in the life of His followers, and how to come out of the unfruitful life and enter a joyful co-labor with His Spirit to reap what He sowed for you.

DAY # 2

Blueprint of overcoming

How to find the step-by-step Blueprint of Overcoming in the Book of Revelation, so you can throw out the false beliefs produced by literal interpretations of this book, and also uncover the little-known truth of your Royal Identity so you can move toward manifesting your sonship.

DAY# 3

being led by christ within

Why “no body can be like Jesus” is a cop out, and how you can follow Him and start your journey of overcoming by the Spirit that dwells in you to live beyond the limitations of the flesh and be conscious of the reality of being filled with the fullness of God.

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Conference Recordings

This powerful conference helps you to discover the work of the cross in a more deeper way so you are able to easily step into the overcoming power of the Christ within. These 6 recorded sessions are your solution to see with such clarity who you are in Christ and start living from the overcoming mindset!

Private Zoom call Recording

This unique Zoom call recording takes you to a more personal level of understanding. As everyone joined to discuss the conference teachings, we ended up having a powerful Q&A session with practical nuggets that helps you to live the Christ life everyday. 

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The MP3 Audio Files of all conference teachings is your solution to continue learning when you're on the go. You can listen anywhere you are and at anytime you want. 

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The PBB Community is your perfect solution to stay connected with other like-minded believers. Also, the Mobile App makes it easier for you to access the teachings & the community all from your mobile phone.

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Still Have Questions?

We have answers!

How many video teachings are available to watch

You will have access to 6 sessions plus 1 recorded Zoom Call, total of 7 sessions.

How long are each sessions of the conference?

Each session is about 2 hours.

Is the conference LIVE?

No! The conference teachings were recorded LIVE and now the recordings are available for you to purchase and watch.

Will I have life-time access to videos?

You will have unlimited access to all teachings in this conference.

I still have questions, how do I contact you?

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Step into the

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