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Embark on a thrilling trip of discovery with a verse- by- verse study of the book of Revelation! As you dive in every verse, you will gain a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and your true identity as a king and priest. This trip won't only consolidate your faith, but also gives you a new strength to overcome challenges that formerly sounded insolvable. So buckle up and get ready for an adventure like no other!

You will walk away from every teaching having...

  • Gained a deeper understanding of the Book of Revelation
  • Understood the Interpretation of Symbols clearly
  • Discovered your true identity as a king and priest
  • Deepened your faith and expanded your consciousness of who you are
  • Stepped into a new strength to overcome challenges



Don't leave your growth in Christ to hope and randomness! Embrace the power of Christ within you and transform your life with PBB Ultimate Growth Membership! This exceptional online training membership is dedicated to help you unleash the full potential of your sonship. Say goodbye to the uncertainty and randomness of your growth journey and say hello to a life filled with purpose, meaning, and joy.

There are 8 practical courses included in this membership:

  • Unveilable: Unlock the Secrets of an effective Bible study
  •  Concordance Trainer 101: Learn to Study in Greek & Hebrew with the Strong's Concordance
  • Meditate the Word: Learn to Meditate on the Scriptures Daily
  • Intensified hearing: Hear God's voice more clearly and confidently
  • Effective Prayer: Learn to pray effectively and get answers
  • Paradise walk: Practical Walk With God In Spirit, Soul & Body
  • Revelation Lab: Introduction To The Book Of Revelation
  • School of perfection: Go deeper in the foundational teachings of Christ

Online Course

bible study secrets

Are you ready to ignite your Bible study and take your relationship with God's word to a whole new level? Get ready to be blown away as we reveal the most exciting and little-known Bible study methods that most Christians don't even know exist! Through step-by-step teachings, you'll finally be able to uncover the deepest meanings of every verse, effortlessly navigate through the toughest passages, and experience life-changing revelations on a daily basis!

Here's what you can expect from the course:

  • Revelatory Methods To Help You Interpret Scriptures Through Other Scriptures: You Don't Have To Guess Any More
  • Right Perspectives to give you confident that you have the right interpretation: You won't be confused ever again
  • Powerful Keys to unlock every verse, symbolism, parable and types & shadows: You will dig deeper in the depth of God's truth

This is your chance to say goodbye to confusion and hello to a whole new level of understanding in your Bible study!



Join us as we embark on a powerful uncovering that reveals the overcoming power of the Christ within! As we dive into the teachings of the Overcomers Conference, you'll learn about the missing key to overcoming and the true identity of Christ in your life. Explore the exciting story of Daniel and gain insight into how you can conquer all obstacles. Get ready for a life-changing experience, filled with inspiration and growth. Don't miss this opportunity to step into the fullness of the Christ within and become an overcomer!

With this bundle, you'll learn:

  • The true identity of Christ within you
  • The missing key to overcoming in life
  • How to use the Word of the Cross to conquer obstacles
  • The concept of being a son of God and inheriting the throne of your Father.


rise of the Conquerors...

Come explore the amazing world of the Book of Revelation with us over the course of a 7-session conference. The Throne, the Scroll, the Babylon, the Beasts, the burning Lake of Fire, the glorious New Jerusalem, and more will be covered in these sessions. But, this conference is all about presenting the magnificent truth of Jesus Christ, not some boring end-time message!

The following major subjects will be covered at the conference:

  • The Throne: Discover the divine authority and power that comes with the Throne
  • The mysterious Scroll: Explore the true meaning of the Scroll and the role it plays in your life
  • The wicked Babylon: Uncover the true nature of Babylon and the destruction it brings
  • The glorious New Jerusalem: Learn about the bride and who you are to him

what you could achieve through PBB teachings... nothing short of extraordinary!

before Listening to PBB

  • Overwhelmed with Anxiety and fear
  • Confused on many scriptures
  • Afraid of end times events and judgment
  • Stagnant relationship with God
  • Had many questions for many years
  • Had boring Bible studies

After Listening to PBB

  • Receive Love, value, life and live free!
  • Get revelation with great clarity & certainty!
  • Know the work of cross in your daily life!
  • Grow in an unwavering love relationship!
  • Have answers & know your inheritance!
  • Excited to read the bible everyday!

Gear up for an adventure of a lifetime and...

flood your life with god's Mercy!

Get ready to be transformed as you uncover the secret to experience God's overflowing mercy in your everyday life! Say goodbye to the fear of making wrong decisions and hello to supernatural help whenever you need it. The Flood of Mercy book by Rose Ramandi is your passport to the incredible power of God's mercy. Explore the scriptures and thrilling Bible stories that reveal the true might of this magnificent attribute. Let the Flood of Mercy anchor your soul in hope and equip you with the tools to turn any storm into a wave of mercy. Get ready to experience the supernatural strength and peace that come from knowing and living in God's mercy!

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