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Our Journey Of Life Transformation


From Muslim roots to a life-shattering encounter with Jesus, our journey was forever changed by the power of the Bible. Driven by a passion to intimately know and share Christ with the world, we invite you to join us on this life-altering adventure of discovery and fulfillment in Him.

Our YouTube Channel, Online Courses, and Books are the keys to unlock your full potential and transform your life with the power of Spirit-breathed revelations, as it has transformed the life of may!
​Get ready to be inspired and take the first step towards a life-changing experience!

Masoud & Rose Ramandi



It was a Thursday afternoon in the fall of 2011, almost two years after our arrival in Canada. We had been happily married for four years and had achieved a lot of success together. However, we also felt a sense of emptiness inside us that seemed to grow with every step up the ladder of success. It was at that moment that we had a sudden realization that the more we achieved, the less satisfied we became. Looking to the future, we realized that we were rapidly approaching the peak of our achievements, but we were still far from the inner peace and joy that we longed for.


In our desperate need for help, God intervened! His thoughts enlightened our minds and showed us that we did not know the truth about who we are! We decided to seek the truth for the first time in our lives and called a Christian friend to visit his church the following Sunday. That morning, we had our first encounter with the Holy Spirit. As we looked at a banner on the wall, we read five simple words in slow-motion: "Joy comes by knowing God." The words were simple, but the Spirit reached deep into our hearts, and we could not resist letting out the cry that had been held in prison for so long. We had a complete turnaround and knew we were walking on the right path to knowing Him. Hope came in, and joy sprang up. This led us on a journey of getting to know God, so we began reading the New Testament. And WOW! We couldn't logically explain why, but every day it seemed as though a portion of our emptiness was being filled, and we finally met Jesus where we were supposed to meet Him: Romans 8:29! "For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren." What can we say? What we understood, felt, and experienced is unspeakable with human words because we met The Truth and our true self: Jesus Christ!

Now We Believe

God is Man's Father.
The Father is Merciful, Gracious, Compassionate and Loving.
The hardness of heart turned Man from a loving God.
Christ is the Son who turns the heart of the Children to their Father.
The Bible is the Mystery of this Christ from Genesis to Revelation.
The Holy Spirit turns the Mystery to Revelation.
The Revelation of Christ is the Revelation of the Son of God.
The fullness of the Revelation of Christ ushers in the fullness of Life in Spirit, Soul and Body.
Eternal Life is not time-driven but revelation-based knowing of God.
The End Times is the end of the age of Adamic-Death and the beginning of the age of Christ-Life.
​A generation of Immortal Sons shall walk on earth executing the Judgment of God and destroying death forever.

One Thing We Are Often Told:

"I have never heard anyone explaining the scriptures this clear, simple and powerful."

Whenever we teach or preach we trust the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts and minds to bring out a message that is simple to understand by others. We also put our trust in the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the listeners to be able to hear the Spirit and understand the mysteries deeper and thus, experience a life changing transformation through the power that is in the word of God.

​A dear friend has recently commented in one of our YouTube videos where we talk about the wisdom that is justified by her Children:

I have been listening a second time....When I found the scripture which came alive in me....Ye search the scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life...I rejoiced all day long...was years ago and have shared it countless times but you are the first persons I have ever heard expound on this...this is much needed teaching...God using you in this ministry...Thank you Father...Amen

The message of the gospel is the power of God unto salvation and when Jesus Christ, The Mystery of all time, is revealed, you'll encounter the most amazing transformation: When you see Him, You become like Him!



The Bible is filled with mysteries. The more you understand them, the easier you can walk in them. To understand a Mystery, you need a Revelation.

Without Revelation, we become like Jews, not being able to see Jesus while "searching the scriptures". For this reason, Jesus, both in the Gospels and in the book of Revelation encourages us all to "hear what the Spirit says". And Paul prays that God may grant you a "Spirit of Revelation". If you see what God sees, you'll do what He does. That's what Jesus taught. Revelation makes you see, and leads you into a Spiritual Awakening into your Union with God.

For centuries the Bible is read, taught and demanded by teachers in the church. Having many Spirit-filled and led teachings, still a great portion of them are just good advises on behavior modifications or inspirational speeches, which are usually accompanied by damnation and 'turn or burn' message at the end. Revelation is lacking and so transformation happens only occasionally. We don't hold any of these views. We believe to deal with others we must see how God deals with us. And to know how God deals with us, there is only one place to search out, and that is the Mystery of Christ.



We train you to rewire your mind, the way you think, the way you judge, the way you make decision, and the way you respond. In order to do this, we portray Christ before your eyes, through step-by-step teachings. Once you are able to see Christ, you’ll see yourself. And when you see your true-self, you let go of the old. This process is called the unveiling, or the Revelation of Jesus Christ. And that is surprisingly the name of the last book of the Bible!

That means you can expect a good portion of our teachings to come from that one book which is wrongly used to reveal an angry and uncontrollable God. Once you get free from that view, you’ll begin to see that the book of Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Revelation of the Grace! It is about the Power of the Kingdom that is in the Holy Spirit, in you, to remove the Babylonian condition from your Soul and make her clothed with the Bridal Beauty of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

You’ll learn about your Spirit and your Soul in the simplest, the most tangible, and yet profound way. Each of these teachings are backed-up, linked and intertwined by and in the rest of the scripture.

You’ll see how the Soul was placed between the Spirit and the Flesh. Faith results in an intimacy with the Spirit. Temptation results in an intimacy with the Flesh. In the first, the fruit of the Spirit will manifest. In the second the works of the Flesh will show up. Your understanding of Faith and Temptation will change forever, and the Bible will become a new book for you while falling in love with God all over again!

​The revelation of "who God is" has always been increasing throughout the ages and it is still increasing. He is the light of man! When man knows God, he knows himself! This light increases like the dawning of a day, when the knowledge of "who He is" is revealed every day. He is the Hidden Mystery of all ages Who needs to be revealed through the Spirit & Truth 'daily'!

One Thing We Are Often Asked:

"How do you read the Bible? And how do you see these things there?"

When we were searching for the truth, we came across the Bible and this book transformed our lives. It did something amazing that no one and nothing was able to do for us. It answered every question we had, gave us hope by showing the wonderful purpose of life, and revealed our identity. Before we even finished reading the Bible for the first time, before being saved, we began referring our friends, mostly Muslims, to the Bible saying: " You got to read this! It has answer to every question. It's amazing!" Once we finished reading the Bible for the first time, we thought to ourselves: "What else is in this book that we still need to know?"

We realized knowing the Truth is the only way to live in freedom and grow in our full potential as sons of God. So we began studying the Bible. No one taught us how to read or study. All we knew was that we were so hungry for knowing the Truth. We didn't give up when there was no enlightenment or understanding after weeks of reading. We wanted to know the truth. Over the course of 8 years, the Lord, step by step taught us HOW TO READ. We had dreams, visions, ideas and thoughts. We learned how to read in context and how to link scriptures together. We learned to draw the scriptures, we learned about the patterns, types and shadows. We learned to let scripture-interpret-scripture and not to rely on our experience. We learned to let Bible define a word and not the online dictionary!

We never read the scriptures to teach but we read it only for ONE reason: To know Jesus Christ!

When we began telling others about what we see in the scriptures, they wanted to hear more. Then a common question kept coming up from most people: "How do you read the Bible?"

​We realized most Christians want to be able to read and understand the Bible for themselves, so we decided to produce an 8-Week Online Course that will take you through everything we know on how to read in Spirit, understand the scriptures, and be fed with fresh bread of divine revelations everyday, as you read the Bible.

To some extent, the world has discovered the power of a transformed mind, but they do not realize what happens in thoughts is beyond merely fighting soulish battles through motivational speeches. The battlefield of the mind is where the ultimate battle must happen and that is the fight over identity and position of mankind in God's Kingdom. Every human being was predestined and their destiny was a 'transformation' into being a Son of God, in full victory over a carnal mind and hence stepping into that destiny.



To You

We're here to serve you. Our aim is to give you what we've received. We consider ourselves debtors to the thirsty and the hungry. Every single drop of revelation knowledge, wisdom and discernment the Lord has graced us with, we'll share with you over time. We have a passion to unveil Jesus to the world, specially to His Church, so we can all move beyond knowledge and experience communion with Him. This makes you and us unstoppable and unshakable.

Through all of our free contents, our paid online courses, books and training programs and anything else we might offer, we are in this to make a difference. To help you rise up and stand in your true place in Christ and live a life that is transformed by God’s Spirit and Truth.

Whether you are just starting out as a new Christian or looking to grow deeper and higher in God, we are here to help you reach the deepest level of your potential in Christ and tap into your true identity.

You are not alone and you are not weak.

What Others Say


Bible College

Because of our deep hunger to know God, in three occasions we came close to relocate to attend well-known Bible schools/colleges. But each time we had an urge from the Lord not to take it. He then showed us how we can be taught by the Holy Spirit. And we did it!

A daily experience of the unveiling of the scriptures transformed our perception concerning the Mystery of Christ and our participation in this Mystery. Now we're proud and deeply grateful to say any teaching you receive from us is what we received from the Lord Himself. There is no bragging or boasting about our ability or intellect in articulating any part of the Great God, but we are humbled to be stewards of what we are given by Him.

We've never been against Bible colleges or teachers as we're also part of the same. But we're thankful for their role in helping believers. We also teach and plan to launch an Online School. But teachers must never replace "The Teacher", for "you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things" (1 John 2:27). Teachers (including this ministry) may be wrong in some aspects, but Jesus is never wrong. Without hearing from Him firsthand, we may become followers of another doctrine. Here is what we recommend: Listen to others for inspiration but draw closer to God for transformation. Always have your filter on when listening to a man.

This is how we did it:

When we realized certainly that God desired that we may learn from Him directly, we dedicated our time to Him and waited for the Spirit of God to teach us. We'd like to tell you that it was an easy journey, but it wasn't! We didn't know the scriptures, the stories, the beginning, the patterns, etc. and above all, coming from a different background, we didn't know the language of the Bible. Days after days and hours upon hours we read, we studied, we prayed but our understanding was very limited for the things of God at first. Sometimes it seemed easier to check the 'commentaries', or Google what others had to say about a particular subject. But we knew we must not. So we'd wait until the revelation would come.

Not that we never listened to any teacher. We did listen to others mostly in the beginning of our christian walk. But every year we learned to rely on Him more, asking for the Spirit of Revelation to enlighten us about what we desired. And we want to confirm that it has been an amazing journey of walking with God and knowing Him deeply. The journey we started still goes on, and we haven't arrived yet. There are still parts of the Bible we don't have a clear understanding about, but our trust in His ability to reveal is more than our weakness to misunderstand. What we can promise is that we'll never insist on what we have taught in the past as the truth if the Holy Spirit reveals to us that we were wrong about it.

​But our commitment is to bring you the very best of what we understand and believe as the only truth. We trust the Holy Spirit to continue teaching and correcting all of us as we move on in this journey until the fullness of truth is shaped in us.

If You Want To Dive Deeper Into Our World Start Here:



For a long time we both worked full time in Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. Meanwhile we taught believers, and reached out to others in street and at work. But one day, we had an urge to leave that behind and serve full-time. That means we no longer had any stream of income, and we never asked anyone's help. We're now blessed and grateful to earn the living doing our passion which is to make Jesus known to His creation.

If we don't sell, we'll have to earn otherwise and that means we won't be able to dedicate the fullness of our time to learn and teach the revealed mysteries to you and help you grow deeper. Full disclosure, at first we didn't want to have anything to sell and for a long time we didn't! But it took us awhile to realize we are not charging you for the message, but our time and the monthly expenses accrued every month just to design, create, edit, host and share our training resources (with the hope of reaching out to more people).

We never study the Bible to teach. But our teachings come from our understanding of the Word of God.

We also never create a resource just to have one. Everyone of them are purposeful, and that is to give you tools to use and grow in your identity and have a transformed life in your communion with the Lord.

But you should also know that the vast majority of our teaching contents are offered to you 100% free of charge. We have daily Social Media posts, weekly YouTube videos, Podcasts, Blog posts and also free Ebook that can serve you for years. We hope you benefit from them.


With Us

If you've read this far, wow, Thank you! We hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. We'd love to get to know you, to get connected and being able to grow together. The best way to get connected is through our weekly inspirations and teachings. You can join us here. Plus you'll get a brilliant eBook that will help you understand the Bible deeper and get revelations every time you read the Word. It will walk you through 28 simple but powerful guides that will help you to read in Spirit.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit. We are thrilled that we are connected and excited for the journey that we'll have together in Christ.

In His truth and love,

Masoud & Rose

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