Clear Yet Powerful Bible Teachings

Perfected By Blood YouTube Channel is focused on moving the church unto perfection by building up everyone's understanding into the knowledge of the Son of God. These teachings are focused to take you deep into the scriptures so you can have a revelation of the mystery of Christ. Perfected By Blood teachings are purposed on unveiling of the "True Jesus" in front of your eyes! You will see clearly, with many details, who He is, What He has done on the cross and how He is leading you to the glory of the immortal life of His resurrection.

Book Of Revelation - Chapter By Chapter Teaching

The Book of revelation, as it's indicated by it's name, it's the revelation of Jesus Christ. And that means every verse must reveal to us the "person" of Jesus Christ, who He is, what He has done on the cross and how He's now working amongst the 7 lampstands (the Church) to help them overcome and inherit all things. Join us for chapter by chapter teaching of the book of Revelation and learn what this book talks about in a powerful and personal way.

Ascension Nights Series

This series goes deep into the scripture that how we can finally walk in the fullness of what God has for us. How to change our thoughts, perspective and words to achieve what is available in Christ. we spend most of teachings in the book of revelation because this book has a big part in understanding how we cal walk in Spirit and truth, how to follow the Lamb and finally sit on His throne and reign.

Overcomers Conference

The Overcomers conference was a 3-day conference which focused on how we can be overcomers in Christ. How to overcame every temptation and hardship of life, how to focus on the promise, believe on God's Mercy and receive His eternal glory.
​it's a powerful, encouraging and hope giving conference to those are fighting a battle

My Resurrection Conference

The focus of this conference is what we have when Jesus was raised from the dead. The same way His death was for us, His resurrection is for us as well. What happened at the resurrection and how we can live in the resurrected Life of Jesus is the focus of this conference. We go deep in scriptures to find out what does it mean that He brought Life and Immortality into the light through the gospel at the resurrection.

Him Crucified Conference

This powerfull conference takes everyone deep into the mystery of the crucifixion of Jesus christ. what happened on the cross and why it happened and what brought for us is the focus of this conference. This conference it peels another layer and goes even deeper on the work of God on the cross and redemption that is coming to us because of His death.

Mystery of Christ Conference

The mystery that was hidden for ages and generation is now being revealed through the preaching of Jesus Christ. Christ is the mystery of God, He is not only Jesus, He is head and the body, Jesus and the church together is the Christ. The focus of this school is to reveal your identity in Christ through revelation of the mystery: "Christ"

There's More!

There are more teaching videos in our YouTube Channel that can equip and empower you to walk in the fullness of Christ and live a transformed life. Don't forget to visit and feed yourself with the food that gives life!



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Perfected By Blood is a Christian Ministry that helps everyone to grow in the knowledge of Christ and experience a transformed life in Him. We make no claims or representation that by using Perfected By Blood courses or materials you will experience change in your life. The video presentation and the testimonials are hereby used for educational and exemplary purposes only, they are not intended to incite results. While they may show real experiences from students, their results are not typical, and your experience will vary based upon the effort and education of your own.

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